Woman Wednesday: Erin Cullen

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Hi guys! Meet this rainbow-obsessed blogger living & working in New York City. She covers fashion, lifestyle, & travel. In addition, she weaves female empowerment & LGBTQ+ content into her daily view of city events, style, & inspiration both on Instagram & her site (stylesilike.com). She's one of my dear pal's sisters, and I knew I had to feature her because we rocked the same hair for ultimate way back when.

"I am truly empowered by the strength, passion, & love of women. The power of women to build community, grow businesses, & impact change is astounding & unstoppable. This past year has been a challenging one in many ways both for me personally & for all of the women in our country. Yet, I will always look back at this year as one where women stood up & showed up for themselves & each other.

It was a year when women marched in pink hats. It was a year when women spoke out against sexual assault. It was a year when my sisters & I called each other more often to check in. It was a year when my best friends brought me Thai food & wine on a particularly hard day. It was a year when my female cousins started a group chat to send each other inspiring messages. It was a year when I pushed myself to meet female leaders, entrepreneurs, & activists in New York City, who inspire me dually to give back & to grow. I love writing about women's issues, supporting female-led businesses, & creating my own empowering content for girls & women on my website & on my Instagram.

I would love for you to follow along @ErinAnnCullen & shoot me a DM or email with what makes you feel strong. I am honored to be featured today & I am excited to expand my community. If we keep supporting each other, WE ALL WIN."