Woman Wednesday: Katie Martin


You will quickly find that I am extremely passionate about women's empowerment. Women are multifaceted; we are business owners like myself, Moms, athletes, artists and more! So, I am excited to introduce Woman Wednesday! To kick this off, I would love to introduce my cousin, Katie.

My cousin Katie is by far my biggest role model. She is the most built person I know, I mean look at this photo! She had us doing push-ups at the top of a viewpoint while traveling in Germany. But, she will be the first to tell you she trains because it makes her a better firefighter. She doesn't care that her tall 5'4" and jacked stature is unconventional, she cares if she can carry you down a flight of stairs should you need help.

When I first started lifting, one of my friends told me I had "man arms" and I was crushed. I talked to Katie and she reminded me that I'm training to be better at my sport, to help my team succeed. Once I embodied that mindset, I felt so free. Thank you Katie, for being an amazing role model!