Woman Wednesday: Maribeth Rauh


This gal here, took a chance on a crazy crew at ND and joined Ultimate for her senior year. In our one year of overlap, I've gotten the joy of watching her live out what it means to be a lady boss. She killed it at Google and now is living in London, taking a chance on life. P.S. she drives a motorcycle.

"I've spent the last two and a half years spending eight hours a day feeling utterly incompetent. My first job since graduating college undoubtedly engages my mind and requires me to learn. Great, right? The flip side is the fear that I actually won't be able to figure out the solution and meet my team's (and my own) expectations.

However, my strength is in throwing myself at whatever it is that intimidates or overwhelms me, again and again. Ignoring the fear that I'll been seen as dumb and asking my coworkers some "dumb" question on a daily basis. Wrestling the motorcycle out of the garage to go around the block a couple of times even though it scares the hell out of me. Deciding to move to London, even though I don't have much of an idea of what life I'll build there.

In the moment, it feels demoralizing, overwhelming, or intimidating. But I recognize that those tiny steps - the answer to that "dumb" question - are building the foundation of the achievements I am currently daydreaming about."