Woman Wednesday: Reagan McCloskey


Meet Reagan! One of our mutual friends mentioned that she was doing the unconventional with fitness in preparation for her wedding Dec 29 and so I had to follow up! Check out them before and afters! *Sidenote: I post these every Wednesday no matter what. My hope is that they will resonate with someone at some time but you never know. The moment this one was posted on instagram, someone had texted me saying she really appreciated this #womanwednesday because she, too, is a smaller bride.

"My story is a bit unlike most bridal fitness stories you hear. "I want to loose a couple pounds before the wedding"...Thats probably the typical thing you might think when someone is trying dresses on. But coming from the opposite end of the spectrum, I wanted to GAIN about 5 lbs before the wedding. It was funny when I went in for my measurements last year, they were trying to talk me into squeezing me into a 2, and I said sorry I am going in the opposite direction lets go for a 4.

For some people 5 lbs might be no issue, however, with someone with a gluten sensitive allergies and completely different dietary restrictions-- its a real game changer. I was tired of folks commenting on how petite I looked or the fact I was too small to even help carry something. So I found this 6 week "boot camp" here in DC doing crossfit to get me started! I had a total blast doing it! I started out at 113 at weigh ins, and by the end was 117. ( I was so excited when I stepped on that scale!) No matter which direction you are going up or down on that scale, it truly is thrilling when you actively see progress in the direction you want to go.

So did I make it to a 4?! YES MA'AM! Besides the length I needed zero alterations on my wedding dress! Woo! December 29th can't come any sooner."