Woman Wednesday: Sarah Varca

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World, meet Sarah Varca of Sarah Varca Bridal. Those sexy rooftop pics...yeah she designed (and built) that wedding dress. OH and she was there to hand sew it when it needed a little more fitting. She's bold and creative and a heck of a lot of fun. She embodies what it means to own your style, stand firm in the beauty of different. I was so pleased to meet her and work with her that she just had to be a #WomanWednesday.

"Fashion has my heart but actually I learned my craft in the theater. The theater world values vulnerability, honesty, and self-awareness, qualities necessary to be a truthful and compelling actor. It's a community where people love and cry hard, sharing their greatest fears and faults at the drop of a hat. These are my people, people who can bare their soul to the world. Living, breathing, feeling, artists. 

I try and find the strength in vulnerability. It is where all of my best designs come from. When I can tap into that space in my imagination my work is more sensual and organic. That is what I find beautiful."