Woman Wednesday: Mary Lafferty


Meet Mary! She reached out to me while visiting Chicago because she wanted to get to know the Chicago wedding scene! She doesn’t even live here yet and she’s a go-getter! We bonded over our mutual first name and so much more! Can’t wait for her to move here!

"This sounds contradictory but my fears make me strong. They push me to try new things, make new friends, open my life up to new opportunities and do things I never thought I would have done. I have always loved makeup but it never occurred to me until after I graduated college that I could turn my passion into a career.

I made a decision I was going to start doing the things that made me nervous or scared. It changed my life for the better! Going out of your comfort zone is terrifying but also so rewarding. It forces you to grow as a person and makes you feel strong!

I’m moving to Chicago next year, something that absolutely terrifies me but is also one of the most exciting things of my life. I can't wait to experience a new city and continue working my dream job, a freelance makeup artist!"