How to Change Your Name

OK PEOPLE! First off, I made a downloadable/printable sheet for this, and honestly you should just do that because reading a blog post will not be the same as a checklist or a worksheet for this process. The PDF even has clickable links to take you places. BUT I gots you if you really want the blog portion of this. 

First: Social Security

There is no online option for this, you must either go to the office in person or mail in your SS-5 form. It's free but you do need a certified copy of your marriage certificate.  You'd know to do that if you had my Month-After Checklist!

Second: Driver's License

You must go to the DMV in person with a current driver's license and a certified marriage certificate. When you change your license, you must also change the name on your vehicle title and your registration, which you need document VSD 190. 

Third: Passport

OK, so make sure you get your passport changed if you're planning on going out of the country after you've already changed your other forms of identification, especially if you booked your ticket under your new name.  You'll have to fill out form DS-82, spend $110 and send all of this and your current passport, certified marriage certificate and photo to the National Post Office Processing Center.

Fourth: Everywhere Else

Yep, you don't realize how much your name is tied to so many parts of your life.  For example, voter registration and your bank accounts.  And there's always the fun stuff like insurance, financial investments and work HR.  Also Netflix.

I'm telling ya, just download my sheet, much has clickable links!

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