Extra Services

*Month of Coordination and Month of Coordination Plus are available in Chicago, Minneapolis, DC and Atlanta




Month of Coordination Plus

Need a little help researching vendors like doughnut bars or trolleys? Maybe you need a bit of guidance on budget creation or your planning timeline. Whatever that may be, Month of Coordination Plus is the chance to ask us for help! We’ll do the research and spend the time you don’t have narrowing down vendors or making that budget you’ve been meaning to do.

Starts at $2,300



Full Service Planning

Let's be real, you're killing it at work and wedding planning is not your most exciting side hustle. From the moment you said yes, you’ve thought “omg how am I going to do this on top of everything else”. Those are the kick ass people we like to help. Past couples have been active members of the Navy, constantly traveling consultants, med school folks and more.

We only take on 5 a year, please contact for availability

Elopement Styled shoot By Meredith Washburn Photography


Elopement Planning

When you elope, it is probably because you don't want to plan an entire wedding! If you want something still very detailed and ornate or quick and simple, let us help you save even more time.  PLUS we know a badass retired female judge that will officiate the entire thing with out a trip to the courthouse!

Please contact for pricing