Styling & Planning Consultation

 You’ve bought all the books and binders, but that doesn’t prepare you for every question you might have about how to plan a wedding in Chicago. Chances are you’ve never done the wedding planning thing before, or you have a load of ideas but don’t know how to create a cohesive design. I’m here to answer any question or lend a helping hand.

How We Start

Whether you want design help or just need someone to ask all those questions google can’t answer, we’ll meet up, drink some mimosas and talk about your wedding planning experience so far. What are your priorities, where do you feel most confident, and where do you need a sounding board? From there, we’ll decide the best option for your wedding planning needs.

The most common paths couples take are:
1. Two hour brain dump
2. Styling and Design help
3. Planning timeline creation

What Comes Next

Two hour brain dumps are perfect for all the little questions you may have or the advice you need specific to Chicago wedding planning. You can ask about timelines and best practices, vendors that work hard, and anything in between. If you have an idea of what you need help with, let me know before we meet so I can do a little prep work if you have a very specific question.

Styling and Design can be 2-3 meetings. In our first meeting we will talk about how you envision your day. Bright colors or dark colors, the mood and vibe of the reception and ceremony - all that good good. We’ll talk about every idea you have and I’ll take as many notes as I can. We’ll go through those Pinterest boards and start brainstorming what you might like to see on your wedding day. In our second meeting I will show you some design ideas and concepts you might want to incorporate. By the third meeting, we will have created an entire mood board with specific designs and names of vendors you can reach out to, to achieve this style.

Planning timelines are so personal to the couple. If your wedding is big or small, grand or simple, classic or unique - your wedding planning timeline is going to look different from your best friend’s. There is no right way to plan your wedding. While those binder timelines are helpful, Chicago is drastically different than LA, St. Louis or heck, even the Chicago Suburbs. We’ll talk about what you want to accomplish and how quickly, and I will create a planning timeline just for you and I’ll help keep you on track.

After That

It’s all up to you! Many couples only need a meeting or two for design help and then ask me to pop back in for Month of Coordination. Some just need a break from asking their mom questions and I’ll watch their wedding through Instagram stories. Whatever path you want to take, let me know and we will find the perfect option for you.

All of these options can be customized to your planning needs but because you’ll inevitable ask, they start at $175.