Wake up, Drink Your Mimosa, and Get Married!

What We Do

Your Day by MK specializes in Month-Of Coordination*. In those last couple months, no longer are you picking out colors and designing the centerpieces. Instead you are trying to coordinate 20 different vendors and create a master timeline ALL while doing your job and trying to have a social life. You should be spending your time with your family, saying “I do” and dancing with all your friends, not dealing with the issues that come up on a wedding day. My team and I have it covered so you don’t have to think about it!

Others call it Day-of, but I call it “Month-Of” coordination because your wedding day is important. I don’t just show up and hope it goes well. We start 2-3 months before because it’s not just any other day. See our process below!

*Month of Coordination is available in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Washington DC

Month of Coordination | Day of Coordination | Chicago Wedding Planner | Your Day By MK

“MK was energetic, organized, and calming. She headed off minor problems before
they became big ones, keeping things under control without making them our problem.”

Month of Coordination | Day of Coordination | Chicago Wedding Planner | Your Day by MK

How We Do It

2-3 months out: We’ll have our initial meeting where I learn ALL about your wedding day - what vendors you’ve chosen, what details you still need - all that good stuff. Between now and our second meeting, I’ll introduce myself to every vendor and start pulling together all the details.

1 month out: We’ll have our second meeting where we go over larger discussion items that can not be answered over email.

2 weeks out: We’ll have our final meeting or walkthrough, and tie up all other loose ends. 

Night before: Rehearsal! I’ll be there to introduce myself to all key players as well as give final reminders. I can also help execute the rehearsal if you’re doing a secular ceremony.

Throughout: I’ll send you emails about the details to remember while planning, send over checklists, answer any random questions that come up, talk about Bruno Mars, you know, the important things in life. PLUS we have a whole packet of checklists, FAQ’s, sample timelines and all that jazz to send over before all of this begins!

“It was so great having the peace-of-mind on our wedding day that she was
taking care of everything so we could just focus on enjoying our celebration.”

Your Wedding Day

Wake up, sip on your mimosa and relax while you get you get ready for the day. Then, blast Mr. Brightside somewhat ironically and sing along with all your friends.

Your Day by MK is there at the very beginning of your day so all you have to do is walk down the aisle. Yep, all that setting up and double checking - we got covered.

We will stay until the end of the evening, collecting all the pieces you brought to the venue, box them up, and make sure they are all in one place so your Mom doesn’t freak out. Tips? We can distribute them to your vendors so you can keep dancing.

As an extra bonus, I also provide my couples with a Month-After checklist.

Need a complete breakdown of all the things we do -> check out this page.

Month of Coordination starts at $2,300

Month of Coordination | Day of Coordination | Chicago wedding planner | Your Day by MK