Woman Wednesday: Sheila O'Brien


This week's #WomanWednesday is pretty dear to my heart! If you know any ladies you'd like highlighted, hit me up! I love giving people a chance to showcase the awesome women in their life. For now - Sheila O'Brien!

On Sunday, there was a series of unfortunate events (starting with my desire to run 26.2 miles) and today she is getting wrist surgery for a pretty nasty break. Let me tell you - this lady was a freaking trooper. Not only did she handle the pain like a boss, but she was kind to every person that helped her.

This doesn't even begin to describe how awesome this human is. She was the FIRST female judge in St.Clair County in southern Illinois. She has won numerous awards from *our alma mater, including the coveted Sorin Award. Not to mention, she attended Notre Dame the second year they let women into undergrad - talk about daunting. She raised 3 unique and independent young women all while being a working mom. Most importantly, she's shown me what it means to be a loyal and dependable friend.

Ask me why I'm such an advocate for strong women and I will confidently tell you it is because I get to look up to this lady my whole life.