The Ring!


Most of you will be hiring me after you get this new accessory, but I still love love love talking about it! I like the simple stunners. I’ve been eyeing a Tiffany’s solitaire round diamond ever since pinterest existed. I mean if I never have a serious man-friend, I’ll probably just buy one for myself. (Date me, please)

Simple stunners are what I love. I don’t want little diamonds anywhere, and yes I want a diamond. But what if you want Opal stone or rose gold? Congrats, that’s just as awesome as getting a Tiffany’s six-prong round solitaire diamond! For starters, it’s probably something that is truer to your personality than anything Tiffany’s could provide.

Here is my friend, Alex’s, ring.

If any of you stalk me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve already posted about this. I’m obsessed with her ring for so many reasons. The first is, SHE HAS A RING! The night before they got engaged, I randomly messaged her saying that her relationship with her man-friend makes me so happy because she looks so happy. The second reason is because it fits her personality so well. It is subtle and yet so classic. The gold setting is timeless, but the use of multiple diamonds of similar size is unobtrusive. “Ahhh how’s it all going?!” -Me “hah it’s going!! Don’t love the wedding planning part but do love the fact that we are getting married! Woo!” -Alex Yep, that’s what your ring should reflect, that you get to get married!

PS...remember to insure your ring! You never know when a Kim K situation can happen to you or your valuables!