Woman Wednesday: Meghana Prasad


This #WomanWednesday doesn’t like writing or talking about herself, so I get the honor of gushing about why I think she’s a freaking badass. Everyone meet Meghana Prasad, owner of Meghana Prasad Makeup and Skincare and the backbone of Diamond MMA. Oh yeah and she’s my best friend.

October-ish of her sophomore year of college, Meghana texts me in the middle of the night.  Normally I’d think “meh it’s late, I’ll respond in the morning."  However, this text said something along the lines of “I’m thinking about dropping out of school".  Imagine suburbanite MK freaking out in her lofted bed.  I had been hardwired to think that life went, highschool  college corporate America.  There is nothing wrong with that trajectory, I mean hi almost everyone reading this, you all probably took that route!  But anything that deviated from that path was too scary to attempt. Turns out, she also just wanted to go to bed that night and figured I wouldn’t text her back.  I argued a college degree would be helpful and post-grad she could totally pursue makeup, but just like, wait it out.

She didn’t listen to me.  She left school that winter, said it was just a semester off and then took to building a business.  Yeah, I was nervous and scared for her.  Who knew if it would work?  Being at home when all of your friends are away at college is quite the bold move and was probably super scary for her.  It was A-typical of people from our high school and I’m sure almost everyone doubted she’d make it.

Well, she did.  It’s been years since that text message. She has gone through multiple drafts of her website and is already booking weddings for 2019!  I honestly wouldn’t have my business if it wasn’t for her.  I must ask her on average two questions a day about the workings of a small business, my sanity and if I’m going to make it in this self-employed life.  Cheers to you Meghana, for having me doubt my college degree almost daily!