Breath Taking Wedding on a Budget

Here’s the thing, people are not going to remember every single detail of your wedding or event. It’s kind of a double edged sword because guests won’t remember the pain-stakingly beautiful aisle accent pieces you made the night before, but they will remember that their only center piece was one or two candles. So how do you combat criticism without breaking the bank?

Decide what takes priority

Think about what you want your guests to remember most. Do you want them to remember how bomb that steak was or that they screamed “Mr. Brightside” with their friends on the dance floor? Decide what takes priority and put more effort into making that experience amazing. Diverting their attention to accent or show-stopping parts of your event will take precedence to minor detials. Chances are Mr. Brightside completely convinced your guests that the center pieces were cleared by the time they got back to their seats at the end of the evening.


Budget, budget, budget! It is so easy to get carried away with wanting the best of everything or thinking that your budget will not afford you anything. There is always a way to make your budget work for you. Sit down and get realistic about the money you can spend on each aspect of your event. There is never a set amount you have to spend on each detail, so if you want fabulous photos but that leaves less money for the flowers or food, look into creative ways to stretch your dollar. Food trucks are all the rave, and minimalist bouquets are still super trendy.

Invite less people

Take your invite list and cut out 25% of your potential invitees. For starters, it’s almost impossible to get quality time with each of your guests at your wedding these days if you still want to make sure to eat. This way, you know the people there are the people you want to be with. Each person can cost anywhere from $150-300 depending on the details and packages you’ve picked. Inviting 10 less people is already a minimum $1500 that can go towards other details of your wedding.

Haters gonna hate

Kindly respond to your critics with, “Hi, thanks for coming to this event I paid for! Really I care more about marrying my best friend and having fun, that I didn’t think about putting special soap in the ladies room! I really hope the dial soap worked for you, if not, let me know!”

Stay On top of your lists

When you don't stay on task, you'll be more likely to veer and buy more than what you need.  Take a look at our Free Month-Of Checklist to stay on track and keep your budget in line!