How to Pick Your Wedding Party


Take this quiz to best decide how to pick who will be in your wedding party!

1. Do you like them? If yes, see 2.

2. Do they like you? If yes, see 3.

3. Great! Ask them to be in your wedding party!

Choosing your wedding party should be as easy as that, but unfortunately it's not. Plus that would be a large wedding party! Here are some tips to navigate this unknowingly difficult task.

I’ve found the main reason people are picked to be in the wedding party is for the pictures and the activities that surround this specific group. These activities include, weekend get-aways, being in the prep-room before the ceremony and matching outfits.

  • Most photographers ask for a shot list before the big day! This means you get to tell them what pictures to take before they go home. Photos can include, but are not limited to, detail shots of your jewelry, father-daughter dance and yes, even a photo of your best college buds doing “the beer dance”. So if you’d like a photo with certain people, make sure to include that in the shot list. This way, you know you’ll get that photo and can stick to just your siblings as your official wedding party.
  • Weekend get-aways. Bachelorette parties are just a party supposedly celebrating that you’re still single? Who knows! In any case, why can’t you invite all your other gal-pals? Just have a night out on the town, or a day in playing board games and drinking apple cider. It can only get more fun with more of your friends!
  • Matching outfits...I remember wearing the same thing as my sisters for years and hating it, why do we all of a sudden want to do that again? Think about this for a hot second. Ok, now decide.

In reality, we all know it’s hard to disregard the tradition of a wedding party, but don’t be afriad to deviate from the norm. Have just family stand up with you and make sure to include your friends in other aspects of your wedding. If family is the problem, sometimes it’s best to divert to your wedding planner (*cough me cough*) to be that objective third party. No matter what you decide, at the end of the day, you will have gotten married to your best friend and really that’s all that should matter!

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