Woman Wednesday: Maureen Andersen


Pictured here is my sister, Maureen, back when she was just a little nugget. When I saw her birthday was a Wednesday, I knew I had to feature her as this week's #WomanWednesday. So without further adieu...

Maureen is the president the University of Kentuckyโ€™s chapter of Delta Gamma. She somehow manages a bajillion sorority gals through the trials that is undergrad. And even though she always has a smile on her face, she puts up with a lot of shit. There are inevitably complaints, fights, missed communications and social pressures. Leadership is hard and lots of times goes unnoticed, especially for something as stereotyped as a sorority. But let me be the first to say that Maureen's leadership abilities are uncanny.

Other than being a kick-ass president, she's also a kick-ass sister. She knows just what to get our parents for Christmas and birthday presents, just when to give us hugs, and just when to separate me from our other sister when the fight is not worth it.

Oh yeah, and she wakes up earlier than I do (I wake up at 6) to work out every morning. Talk about discipline! Happy birthday Maureenie-beanie. You truly deserve the world.