Woman Wednesday: Missy Monstrom/Vesta Movement


This week's #WomanWednesday highlights the badass women of VESTA Movement in Atlanta, GA. "I wanted to create an inclusive space that promotes community and gives everyone a fun and welcoming place to be healthy and connect with other bad ass women doing the same thing! We found strength in each other as well as within ourselves." - Missy (pictured left)

Fun fact: they did just that. I went to Atlanta alone last summer and immediately felt included and part of something bigger. They didn't just build a business, they built a community. Ladies (and dudes) were encouraged to hang out, give back to the larger community and oh yeah, punch the shit out of the bag. They have inspired me to remember that a community can do wonders, much more than simply running a business. Create a welcoming space and the benefits will follow. UGH, now if only they'd open a studio in Chicago...!