Woman Wednesday: Alexis Doyle


This week's #WomanWednesday we have Alexis Doyle! She is my college roommate's best friend and I will admit I immediately had a lady crush on her! Next year she will be a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford and then will be going to medical school, where she was accepted as a sophomore in college, #casual. Best thing is she learns and studies to help the world around her as seen by her thesis: "Moving from Division to Opportunity: Changing the Conversation on Family Planning and Reproductive Health Policy in the United States". Not only is she a model for owning your awesome in academics, she also runs ultra-marathons. Don't all fan-girl now.

"I am driven to work my hardest at all I do because I know that many women were not given the same opportunities as I have been given to follow my passions and challenge myself. I strive to be a lifelong learner, as I believe learning is one of the best ways I will be able to harness my opportunities and strengths. Maintaining my physical strength throughout my life is an important part of this endeavor, as I believe it is one of the main drivers of my mental strength and capacity to learn."

She reminds me that being a strong woman isn't just being awesome, but rather being grateful to be awesome because some are not as fortunate. Then transferring that awesome into being a great world citizen.