Cuba Inspired Everything

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Cuba has become a popular vacation and educational destination in the last year. I’ve had at least three friends make their way down to the island south of Florida only to come back with amazing stories and photos. For instance, take this beautiful photo of a coconut feat. water. Yep, it looks like quite the stellar spot.

While I definitely do not begrudge those who want to infuse European culture into their events, I couldn’t help but think how unique it would be to have a little Cuban flare. Imagine incorporating the famous retro cars in either your arrival or departure from your wedding or bringing the pops of color you see on the buildings as your inspiration for your venue. Heck, get all the men to have a cuban cigar photo during your portraits!

Every time I see one of these iconic photos, I can’t help but feel elated! These colors are inviting and exciting and really make me want to dance. Your wedding should feel the same! If you still wanted to keep a softer palate, think about using flowers commonly found in the Caribbean and incorporate some greeneries like palms.

At the end of the day, you should be enjoying every aspect of your wedding. From the colors to the people, tailor it to best represent how excited to have JUST MARRIED YOUR BEST FRIEND! Oh and if you need any help with planning your cuban inspired reception, please please let me be a part of it! I’m dying to plan something like this!

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