Woman Wednesday: Amy Cohen

Amy Cohen.jpg

Meet Amy, she's a mom who's rocking it and honestly, her words are better than anything I could say. Oh yeah #WomanWednesday.

This is motherhood: it's 6am and my toddler has already been up for half an hour. Behind us you can see that our house is not totally unpacked, despite the fact that we moved 6 weeks ago. I'm topless because I'm nursing my 2 month old around the clock.

And while part of me wants to live in a house that is put together and does not have string cheese and various Crayola products smeared into the carpeting, more of me doesn't care about all of that. How "insta-worthy" everything was(n't) won't be a part of my kids' childhood memories. They'll remember more that I read the same book 62 times in a row, that I let them over-salt the potatoes because they had fun helping me make dinner, that I wore shorts that weren't that comfortable and didn't match my shirt because my daughter picked them out and wanted me to wear them.

There are too many times throughout the day when I'm pulled away to other things - it's important to me that my time with my kids is rich and meaningful because there never seems to be enough of it.

That being said, I can't wait for the baby to take a bottle so I can go to Target alone. To the grocery store alone. I shower with Ellie every evening and while it's one of the most fun parts of our day, I told Aaron all I wanted for my birthday was to shower alone.