2018 Trends

Photo by  CakesbyCliff

Photo by CakesbyCliff

Cake pops

Cakes are too pretty, too expensive and too oldschool. Plus, do you ever remember eating the cake? Now every wedding is about guest experience and what is more fun than eating a cookie dough pop or a cake pop that looks like THIS! You can design them to have your monogram, abstract design and more. Plus this provides the opportunity for multiple flavors!

Upscale Modern

Formal doesnโ€™t have to mean Renaissance and portrait style wedding photos. If fine dining can look like modern art exploded on their plates, then thatโ€™s just what couples want for their wedding experiences. Clean lines, progressive fashion and an editorial look.

Photo by Dan Bolivar

Photo by Dan Bolivar

After Parties

Whatโ€™s more fun than going to a bar still in your wedding dress, $2 beers and dancing in booths with your college roommates? After parties are where the cousins can finally unleash and the bartender might just give you a free shot. Receptions will still exist, but they will be shorter and catered to the older generation who want to dance to their favorite crowd pleaser and then go to bed.

Small Weddings

Gone are the days of 500+ guest weddings. Many couples are limiting their parentsโ€™ guest list because they are starting to pay for the wedding themselves. With a smaller guest list comes a manageable guest experience. Intimate weddings can incorporate more personal touches unique to the couple or can simply make the wedding more affordable. Regardless, hide-away venues are on the rise since they tailor to the 50-100 person crowd.

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