Woman Wednesday: Taylor Brown


Dear world, meet the ever amazing Taylor Brown. She told me she was going to go to Northwestern Medical, but then got into Harvard. Against my selfish wishes she went to Harvard and has been killing it ever since. Before that she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, fought for women’s rights at Stanford and listened to me rant for hours about stupid stuff while home for Christmas. No amount of words describes how proud I am to be her friend.

“What gives me strength?

I get strength from other women, their stories empower me to speak out and be brave.

I was afraid of the words, “me too” before Harvey Weinstein. I wrote my medical school personal statement about the overwhelming frequency I heard those words throughout my college experience. I was inspired by the #metoo movement, when so many women felt empowered and compelled to share their stories.

In medical school, I am working to make the curriculum more sensitive to the trauma and abuse our patients may have faced. It is our duty as future physicians to care for the entire patient, including histories of and or ongoing abuse.

I am hopeful that one day we will no longer fear those two awful words, “me too”.”