2017 Reflection


t’s tempting to turn my back on 2017, say ‘good riddance’ and walk confidently into 2018. This year has been a trial for most, no doubt about it. Between demoralizing political leaders, natural disasters, and all of our own personal hurdles - 2018 is looking mighty fine. However, the end of the year is always a great time to remember that the year was 365 separate days - some bad but inevitably some were good. Now that I’ve stopped accidentally writing ‘17’ on my notebook pages, I thought a little reflection before immersing myself into 2018 would be fitting.

2017 was constantly changing. From aforementioned political shifts to personal structures, I learned to adapt and shift. Change is not easy. It takes time to get used to a new normal and build your life. But we all did it! Personally, I went from living with 3 roommates to living alone in a completely new city. Add the fact that I am self-employed and work from home, man I was lonely. But it challenged me to pursue relationships around me instead of being complacent with the ones conveniently located.

2017 was interesting...to say the least. On my end, it was a year of education opportunities I did not know I could dive into. This past year, I learned about the literal art of screen printing and all the nitty gritty of art pieces and prints. I also learned more than I ever thought I would in the art of social media. That’s right, the art. To craft and hone your feeds, your brand and more. It is an art...and well...i’m still learning that one.

Most importantly, 2017 was joyful. I got to watch so many people smile as they saw their best friend walk down the aisle, dance with no shoes on and laugh until their stomach hurt. It was amazing to work with such skilled vendors in our industry and I can not wait to cross paths with them again!

I’m hoping 2018 will be just as joyful! The good thing is I still have some 2018 weekends open and would love to help you celebrate! I can not wait to continue meeting with my 2018 couples and the couples soon to come!