Most Important Item On Your Month-Of Checklist

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So this might not be the number one item I have on my downloadable month-of checklist but it should be every couple’s number one item through out the whole planning process.  Staying organized is important, staying on budget even more, but most important of all is:

Have a date night and DO NOT talk about the wedding. I’m not a therapist and ultimately you decide what’s best for your relationship and marriage. But this is the tell tale sign of a thriving relationship.  

I love clients that are excited about their wedding. It is such a beautiful way to celebrate the union of two families and hearts. Weddings are a blank canvas to show your friends and family just how special and unique your relationship is.  But the clients I love the most are the ones that know once they come back from their honeymoon, everything is the same. During the planning process, take some time to hang out as best friends and continue to remember why you’re saying “I Do” to forever with this person.  You will feel less stressed about the entire process and ultimately more excited for the big day over anything else.

So go put on your footie pajamas and watch a movie that is NOT a rom-com, or go to a dive bar and play pool.  Do something that is so unlike you’re wedding it won’t even cross your mind and have a laugh!

Make sure to pin this image to your wedding boards to remember this big tip!