Woman Wednesday: Olivia Nicoletti

You know when you meet someone, and your first thought is "Oh thank god, I don't have to fake laugh around them"?! That was my thought when I met Olivia from @olivefineweddings.  She's another wedding planner here in Chicago (#communityovercompetition folks!) and a pure joy to be around. 

"My greatest strength is my ability to make others feel immediately comfortable - I have a sense of warmth and confidence that allows those I interact with to feel easy around me upon our first meeting. This, in turn, has allowed me to create and nurture meaningful relationships. I have been lucky to find a tribe of men and women in each stage of my life thus far (through moves to four different cities, weddings, breakups, failures, successes) and I invest a tremendous amount of time and energy keeping up with friends, new and old, and I get great joy out of those relationships. Further, I am incredibly organized (I'm a planner after all!), and this only helps me maintain relationships - I note birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, test days (oh hay to my girl Jesse in med school!) on my calendar, and send handwritten, personal notes acknowledging such milestones. I thrive off of the energy of others and feel so lucky to be surrounded by some perfect humans I call friends."