Hottest Destination Wedding Spots of 2019


Destination weddings are never going to go away.  They are perfect to create an intimate affair since it drastically narrows down your invite list.  Then the moment you pick your destination, themes and aesthetics tend to fall into place. Details that could be stressful are less so because it just seems innate.  So where are the people going this year? Say goodbye to Mexico and California, say hello to 2019’s hottest destination wedding spots! (yep, already talking about it because they take a while to plan)

  1. Tuscany - yep, Italy is the new California.  Instead of going to Napa, the people are going to Tuscany for not only an authentic wine experience, but an authentic cuisine experience.  Tuscany not only has wine, but has cheeses and glorious cooking products like their amazing olive oils. This gastronomic experience gives every guest the most intimate and amazing chance to experience what Italy has to offer while also celebrating the joys of a new marriage! 

  2. Cape Cod - Sure it might not be out of the country, but the Cape doesn’t exactly have the most feasible travel accommodations, thus making it a little more destination than most.  The Cape lends itself to the most classic of wedding affairs. Think dresses with no embellishments, long veils, and navy blue. For many, this spot provides a nice get-away from the stressors of home without having to go too far. 

  3. Ireland - Similarly to the cape, it lends itself to a timeless and classic look for many couples.  Familial ties give the perfect excuse to have your wedding in the land of potatoes and sheep. Ireland is graced with so many different castles and mansions, both in use and in ruins.  Imagine your bridal portraits with a castle as your backdrop. Similarly, Ireland is filled with green pastures and farms that can’t be beat. Order some Guinness and you’re golden! 

  4. Iceland - Man are those plane tickets cheap.  Almost every one of my friends is planning a trip to the picturesque island for the views and experiences, so why not also get married there?  This may be a little bit more of an elopement destination, but who’s to say that’s not a destination wedding too? The most dramatic wedding photos can be found in Iceland, in the summer or winter, and because the plane tickets are still cheaper than most destination spots, flying your photographer out there isn’t as expensive as you’d expect.  

  5. Greece - Yep, flashback to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants right here.  Laugh all you want, but shots of those blue roofs have never left my mind and it never fails to impress. Because Greece is made of many different islands, you and your guests have the opportunity to go from one to the other during your time there experiencing everything Greece has to offer; history, food, views and more.

No matter where you have your wedding, make sure it’s special to you as a couple.  Your wedding should reflect your love and your profound excitement to start a journey together!  And regardless of the location of your wedding, some planning tips stay the same, so be sure to check out our planning section of the blog!