Woman Wednesday: Sarah Crost

Oh my lordy, am pumped to finally showcase this human! I do not think I've ever met a more infectious personality than this woman. Sarah of Sarah Crost Photography, is such a bubbly breath of fresh air that I had the pleasure of working with last year! She takes gorgeous wedding photos and never fails to make you feel like your most natural self!

"My greatest strength is my emotional strength. Like many women I know, I have encountered my fair share of obstacles, setbacks, and traumas in my life. Instead of using that as a crutch or carrying it around like luggage, I use it as fuel. I quickly bounce back and press on. I believe it’s because I am so in-tune with my own range of emotions, that I can so easily sense the emotions of those around me. I have chart-topping empathy, and personally delegate myself as a cheerleader for those around me. I mean, look how amazing you are!!

By sensing the emotions of others, I can easily anticipate people’s needs. I have been this way since I was very young and it has helped me greatly with my friendships, family, and even with strangers. This becomes especially useful on wedding days. As a wedding photographer, I make sure to pay close attention to the bride or groom’s non-verbal cues, and act accordingly. Because wedding days can get so hectic, I make sure to stay in-tune to the couple, so that I can make their day as enjoyable and carefree as possible.

On non-wedding days, you’ll find me using my heart to raise others up. Whether I’m pulling up people who are in the dumps, or pushing up people who are already higher than me; I believe everyone deserves to be surrounded by motivators. I am quick to compliment others, but I am always sincere. I feel like people these days have so much on their plate and an inner dialogue that is fighting them every step of the way. The very least I can do is cheer them on and let them know I think everything they do is pure magic. :) Keep doing you. You're freaking fabulous!!"