Woman Wednesday: Amy Ackermann

Amy Ackermann and Fam

Today's #WomanWednesday is a jack of all trades. She's creatively smart, extremely humble, nonchalant and talented. She once created a completely wearable dress out of newspaper, just to see if she could. She's a freelance graphic designer in Chicago with a corporate side gig, meet Amy Ackermann

"Strength is something that I’ve been redefining for myself this year. On a deeper level, it means staying true to my core values (which are generosity, connection, and curiosity) and accepting who I am naturally, my gifts and limitations.

On a fun level, it means investing in myself and pursuing passions that I never had enough time for in college: learning new types of art (like block printing, ink drawing, woodworking, etc), running, reading/podcasts, hosting parties, and hanging out with plants and animals. My highlights of the year so far have been visiting the Rocky Mountains, running my first half marathon, and seeing the solar eclipse with my family."