What is Month of Coordination?

Photo by Geneva Boyett

Photo by Geneva Boyett

I bet you've heard me say the term "Month-of Coordination" a boat load of times. It is all over my website, my Instagram and is the most common service couples hire Your Day by MK for. PLUS I have a special surprise with our Month-of Services we've just announced!  But before you look at that...

Is Month-Of like Day-Of?

Well...no. Day of Coordination means someone shows up the day of your wedding and they're in charge of everything you've planned, meeting the vendors the day of and only working off the information you've emailed them.  Essentially, that's like asking one of your friends attending the wedding to run the show...which is even better than most Day-Of options because at least you've texted your friends about your wedding before.

What does it include?

Month-Of Coordination is our favorite service!  Because each couple starts meeting with us 2-3 months beforehand (usually booking 6-9 months beforehand), it means we get to know you and the amazing wedding you've planned. We'll meet 3 times, do a final walk through, create a comprehensive timeline with everything we've learned from you and your vendors, do final vendor confirmations and then of course...your wedding day. 

On the day of your wedding, we will be there with you until the very end...actually 30 minutes AFTER your wedding is over, distributing your tips to vendors as they leave and packing up all items you brought to the venue.  We'll bring up to two assistants to make sure everything is set up exactly how you planned and to make sure someone is always looking over the card box when guests are coming in.

Most importantly, you get to sit back, relax and GET MARRIED! Yes, you get to watch all the fun happen, actually eat your food, not know about all the little issues that arise, because truth be told, something will always happen. Plus, your family doesn't have to compromise their time enjoying the wedding either. 


You get a whole packet full of checklists, cheat sheets and guides!  This includes the popular Name Change Guide and Month-Of Checklist...which you can download on the blog posts linked.  Most importantly, you get our Woman Wednesday book, EVERY WOMAN, for free!

Let's Chat!

So happy if this has helped clear the air about a couple things! Month-of Coordination is by far our favorite and truly the service we believe every couple should look into. You should be excited on your wedding day and not stressed out about the timeline and details.  If you'd like to chat more, feel free to reach out on our Contact page! I LOVE emails!