Woman Wednesday: The Rambling Gals - Angela

Woman Wednesday - Every Woman - Chicago Wedding Planner - Angela - The Rambling Gals

Meet Angela of The Rambling Gals. I don't think I've ever had a more instantaneous instagramship with someone. One day I suggested we be pals and now there's a whole slew of amazingness coming from this friendship! They create personalized travel itineraries and guides along with hosting a podcast! They (because there's two of them) live the dream while being a #girlboss.

"I’ve learned to be uncomfortable in pursuit of something great. Hardiness means you’ve been squeezed, mushed, and sometimes damn near flattened, and yet, you’ve had the wherewithal to withstand.

I’ve wrought hardiness and resilience into my life; cultivating a confidence so even when I have been squeezed, and mushed, and flattened, I can spring back into shape.

I’ve learned to put my head down and just work, even when the fruits of my labor won’t be tangible for quite some time -- to just do it anyway. And I’ve become hardy in my pursuit of a long-term goal.

Some things in my life are non-negotiable, enjoying my work and being the only one who can tell me what the hell to do, are among those. So, I mold my life around those things. And it’s not always comfy, or idyllic, and most of the time, it sure as shit isn’t appealing. But, I’ll be damned to let a little unpleasantness get in the way.

I am strong, because I am resilient."