Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator

The Difference between a wedding coordinator and a venue coordinator

I LOVE venue coordinators!  They're some of my best working pals, they know exactly what will look best in their space, how many people will comfortably fit and they have no qualms telling guests to smoke farther away from the entrance.  HOWEVER, they are not the same as a wedding coordinator, and heck they'll be the first to tell you this.  Some of my best couples have come from venue coordinators referring me!

Wedding planners often hear from the couple that they have a venue coordinator so they do not need a month-of coordinator.  Some venue coordinators will go above and beyond to make sure your day goes smoothly, but regardless there is only so much a venue coordinator will do.  So here are a few differences.


Venue Coordinators will ask for a list of each vendor so they are aware of who will be arriving to their space.  Wedding coordinators will call each vendor to confirm arrival times, work with the vendors that will arrive to the ceremony space, deliver personal flowers to hotel rooms, hair and makeup artists and more.  More importantly, in a moment of emergency, vendors would call the wedding coordinator.  If there is only a venue coordinator, vendors would call the bride or groom with questions or problems.  Venue coordinators are only in charge of what happens in their space once vendors arrive and the prep that is necessary for the space itself.


Venue coordinators and in house caterers will provide a timeline for their portion of the evening.  This will include when they will arrive to the space, how the space will be set-up and when dinner will be served.  Wedding coordinators will make and provide a timeline for your entire day including when vendors will arrive, what speech is happening during dinner (they'll even remind the MC to introduce them), name and numbers of all vendors to confirm they've dropped of florals, cakes and more.  Venue coordinators do not need to ensure the arrival of your vendors to ceremony spaces or getting ready spaces.

Families and Characters

Venue Coordinators will be cordial and accommodating to the space, telling grandma where the bathroom is.  Wedding coordinator will make sure grandma does not talk to cousin Martha's boyfriend to lecture him about manners.  If you have a specific seating arrangement in mind and your parents want to move name cards, a wedding coordinator will mediate and fend off that decision. A wedding coordinator is aware of alternate family situations, the good and the bad and is able to navigate those situations.

The Details and everything inbetween

Simply put, wedding coordinators will help with the details.  One major task is they will make sure your gifts and cards are watched over, family photos are taken, they will help set out table numbers and put lavender sprigs on the napkins.  They make sure you know what's coming up next in the evening, when to leave for the church or when to get into your dress.  They make sure all your vendors have eaten, there is extra water and snacks on the party bus and more.  Heck we give out free name change guides and month AFTER checklists! Venue coordinators are helpful to make sure the bathroom is clean, but will generally not help collect centerpieces and the guest book at the end of the evening. 

Whatever you do, even if you still consider only working with a venue coordinator, make sure you ask and are aware of the extent of their services.  Some truly will go above and beyond and might function as a Month of Coordinator, but better to know ahead of time than have to ask your best friend to help you the week and day of.  

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